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Project Description

Data Profiling solution using SSDT over Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Easy to share with SMEs in the business.

Why Use this Solution

The Data Profiling task in SSIS works well to export XML and view with the SQL Data Profile Viewer, the view is somewhat clumsy.  This format it is not easily shared with SMEs in the business who tend to prefer Excel as their data Swiss army knife. 

Simple database structure of 3 tables.

SSIS Package collects:

  1. Table Profile
  2. Column Profile
  3. Column Data Distribution taking into account multiple schemas

SSAS Solution providing simple analytics.

Includes an example of viewing the data in Excel.



  • SQL Server 2012 Database Instance
  • SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 Tabular Instance
  • SSDT

Testing for other versions  underway.

Upcoming Enhancements

  • SSRS Reports
  • Options for:
    • Data Vault
    • Profile Multiple Tables
    • SSAS Enhancements
    • Power BI

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